We are all about getting horse and owner back on the trail. I want to teach rider how the horse thinks, so they can know how to communicate with their horse on a higher level of communication. We work with older horses or starting young ones correctly with respect training, as well as ground work.
We can start young horses for you, or taking in problem horses who need retraining.  We take in all ages, breeds and behaviors. We want to make rider feel safe and have confidence in their horse. I want to teach you how to have a better relationship with your horse.
What Horses Unlimited is all about.
What we can do for you?
We want to help you and your horse become one when riding.  So it is as if you know what eachother is thinking.  Also for your horse to become safe for himself and everyone around.  We will help your horse become more with our respect training and ground work.   
Horses Unlimited Rescue and Education Center